Laundry and Vacuum Cleaning Clothes 


We have own laundry setup for washing, ironing and dry-cleaning the clothes with our experienced workers. When we get an order from our client then immediately forward cloths to them and the process gets initiated of washing the clothes, we perform the actions as per your requirements and delivers back to your doorstep. We are trying to build the fulfillment of both our individual customers and our customers through our significant social orders. We trust that we will accomplish client faithfulness through our proceeded with exertion in discovering approaches to assist enhance our business to fulfill our client's needs.

Our Services


We take individual care of each of your machine washable laundry items – clothing, delicate, linens, blankets, comforters are separately washed and returned to you fresh, clean and neatly folded and hung on hangers.
Use our free pickup and delivery service and you’ll get more time for life, family and the pursuit of happiness!
Wash & fold = 60RS per KG
"At Least 3 KG item should be there for 



When you schedule your first order, we’ll ask for your laundry preferences so that your laundry is done the way you like wash & Iron. We use premium quality liquid detergent, that care your fabric softener,
and handle your clothing and washables gently to keep them 
looking their best. 
Wash & iron= 70RS Per KG
 "At least 3 KG item should be there for"


No matter what kind of lifestyle you have, your shoes will definitely get dirty. Be that as it may, you shouldn't need to stroll around with shoes that watch old or exhausted. Here we follow a straightforward cleaning process
that will frequently expel overabundance earth and grime, abandoning them looking brand new!


Laundry Services

all type of laundry services for your all loving clothes, we offer best laundry services at lowest prices. Laundry for jeans, jacket, blanket, coat, Sherwani, Sweater etc,
We take cares of your fabric and remove all hard stains with 
our quality expert staff



  1. PANTS                                                             35
  2. SHIRT                                                              30
  3. BLAZER                                                           140
  4. SAARI                                                               90/200
  5. BLOUSE                                                           35
  6. SWEATER                                                        80
  7. SHOWL                                                             80
  8. HALF- JACKET                                                130
  9. KAMBAL                                                           250
  10. GENTS-KURTA                                                40
  11. PAYAJAMA                                                       40
  12. SILKA KURTA-PAYAJAMA                               120
  13. SALWAR SUIT 3 PC (NORMAL)                      150
  14. LOWER                                                             90
  15. LEHANGA 3 PIC                                               350/500
  16. T-SHIRT                                                             30
  17. LEATHER JACKET                                            300
  18. HALF JACKET                                                   100
  19. FULL JACKET                                                    200
  20. RAZAI                                                                 300
  21. BED SHEET SINGLE                                         60
  22. BED SHEET DOUBLE                                       80
  23. SHERWANI                                                        200
  24. LADIES KURTA                                                  100


We are on Demand Laundry and Vacuum Cleaning Company based in Jaipur. We are here to make your tedious laundry tasks and complete
Home vacuum cleaning, a happy and luxurious affair at prices that are light on your pockets like feathers. We take immense care and protection
to make sure your beloved clothes are washed perfectly and ironed to perfection.
Today, many people are hesitant to take their clothes to local Laundromats or dhobis because they fear that optimal care and hygiene may not be
maintained and that their clothes may either get discolored, torn or misplaced. Haggling with dhobis over their ever changing prices is another pain.
Everyone has a penchant for expensive clothes, with exquisite designs and fabric, that makes them stand apart. Why should you then settle even for the
second best when it comes to laundering them?
Specially we are not only providing you total laundry care but also we care your house. Today we only clean our house on special occasions but
we make it simple and chipper for you. We will take care your house with vacuum cleaning like your curtains, sofas, mates, bed etc.



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